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Pottery Studio Excursion  

(Tues, Thurs or Fri 10am - 12pm)

Artist Demonstration

Nothing beats seeing the action life! 

Artist demonstrates the wheel throwing process and involves the children in the decorating process

2 hours Pottery Studio Excursion and 60 mins. hands-on activity

Nothing beats seeing the action in person.


The Pottery Studio Excursion is our most popular programme with pre-schoolers. 


Kids step into a professional pottery studio, and look at the workings of the studio. Children are encourage to look at artworks and ask questions. Artist-educators conducts a multi-sensorial clay experience. Children watch the magical process of spinning a soft lump of clay into a creative vessel.

Children make creative marks on the large pot, and will make their very own Pinched Pot complete with colours (60 mins hands-on activity)

Goodman Arts Centre is a great place to do a picnic at the lush environment. Enquire with us.


10 - 21 children $35 per child / $45 per child (with wheel throwing)

22 - 45 children $25 per child / $35 per child (with wheel throwing)

Teachers: F.O.C.

Parents Participation: $10 per parent (pot making hands-on activity)

Directions map with drop off points

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