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Half Day Programmes (2 - 4.5 hours)

Clay is a pliable material that lends itself to infinite forms. In this session, participants will learn how to create an expressive ceramic artwork with ease.

Participants will gain an appreciation for the craft of ceramics and end the session with the creation of a unique and usable piece of pottery (clay mug or dish).

Prices start from $68 p.p. (min. of 8 paxes booking)

For the newly formed, or closely knitted team, this team throwing experience promises to add more gel to your team.

Explore, experiment with clay, in a new space. See your colleagues in a new light. Best of all, have fun and develop the spirit of working with your colleagues with strengths that differ from and complement yours.

Prices start from $68  - $82 per person

(min. of 8 paxes booking)

Full PackageThrow and Decorate
(3.5 hours / $104 - $124 p.p.)

This is the full works! Get your hands dirty, sense the soft clay working within your hands on the spinning wheel; Trust your instincts to shape, or simply use step-by-step way of working through the stages.

Whichever your learning style, you will find your way. More importantly, harness the strength of your team members, and work co-operatively to develop your first signature works.

Personalise your works with adding handles, decorative pop up effects and colour!

Prices start from min. of 8 paxes booking

Pottery handbuilding classes

Painting is a great way to have fun together.

As a team, explore how themes or topics can be expressed visually. The programme is loaded with energy and lots of fun things to do. Dabble in paint, experiment with sponging and stippling techniques. Use stencils for achieving the professional look. Hear each team out, and discover their creative talents and ingenuity too!


The works are fired and will serve as a permanent reminder of the group's achievement.

(prices starts from $50 p.p. min. of 8 paxes booking)

For the ones that love exploring forms, be it abstract or funcational, the sculptures making programme offers infinite possibility in form.

Learn how to shape expressive 3D forms with this sculptures making programme.

The sculptures will be gloss glazed and can serve for either a decorative masterpiece and even play the role of a paperweight.


Prices start from $68  - $82 per person (min. of 8 paxes booking)

Coming to Goodman Ceramic Studio for your creative sessions has the added benefit of starting or ending your seonsorial experiences at La Braca or Melba Cafe. 

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Full Day Programmes (4 - 6 hours)

Full day programmes are typically a full break-out session for your team. The earlier segment focuses on learning a new art skill for self discovery and expression. After a lunch break, the teams work together on a Team Challenge Question. Participants explore and examine corporate issues and goals. We often work with HR leaders and coaches to co-examine issues. 
Participants brainstorm, and work together to express a metaphor by making 3D representations. The session ends with a presentation and everyone takes home a new and deeper understanding of a corporate issue. 

Teambuilding with 3D ceramics offers a new way of communicating complex ideas such as values and strategies.

In the form of a Team Challenge, teams can opt for one of the following:

1) Decorating a Large Vase Together

2) Making a series of Designer Wares 

3) Creating a Sculpture from Scratch


Full day workshop. Prices starts from $92 per person

(min. of 40 paxes booking)

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