$500 lump sum charge
For up to 8 children
(additional child $60 per child)
1.5 hour for 9 years olds and above
1 hour for 8 years old and under
Plus 20min extra for party celebration activity 

Party, Party, Party! 


Want to give your birthday kid a memorable celebration? Book a fun and inspired party at our studio.  Your children and their guests (adults are welcome) will unleash their artistic side as they swish and mould clay to create a special memento of their day. Besides the kinaesthetic experience, your party participants will learn about the ceramic process.


There are eight great party themes to choose from. See below to find out more about each theme.​


The lump sum party package price of $500 includes GST and up to 8 party guests. Additional party participants are only $60 per person. We provide all the materials needed to make something special (materials will vary with theme of the party). All works will be fired and ready with 4 to 6 weeks. 


To ensure all party goers are engaged and having fun:

  • less than 8 years will be 1 hour

  • 9 years and above will be 1.5 hour


An additional 20 minutes of studio time is allocated for cake cutting and celebration.


Please send your enquiry to our studio manager, indicating the date and time of the party, the theme of the party, number of party participants and the average age of those participants. We are happy to answer any other queries you may have and to arrange payment to confirm the booking 


We look forward to celebrating with you.

Kids Trial Throwing Fun


Working with clay on the spinning wheel is a very exciting affair for children. 

Robots, Monsters & Dinosaurs


Captivate every young artist’s imagination with our robots and dinosaur party. 

Fairy Garden


Create a garden pot full of magical creatures that will be inviting to any fairies. 

Pottery Painting
Going Wild


Go to the wild side. Every party will get  a range of animal inspired ceramic bases to decorate.

Pottery Painting


Fish, seals, sharks and whales will be part of the party with this exciting package.



How does a kid create a fish sculpture? Using their wild imagination!



Learn how to mould zodiac animal sculptures in fantasy, cartoon or realistic modes. 

Funny Face


 Start with a base and learn to shape and form a special cup that reflects your personality.