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February 2023 Studio Happenings

Stay up to date with all things Studio GDMC. Check out the latest announcements, events, and sales happening this month!

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2018 Opening of Pioneer Polyclinic with Ceramic mural

On 27th Jan 2018, Health Minister Gan open the Pioneer Polyclinic with the unveiling of a ceramic mural conceptualised by Hazel Wong, and co-created with more than 400 residents in Jurong. 

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2017 Rediffusion Radio Interview

An introduction of Pottery to the Chinese audience in Singapore, through Chinese channel Rediffusion and Mediacorp web-cast platformsl

2017 Kids Video on Pottery

Hiccup and Sneeze came to our studio! Highlight of 2017! Making an educational video on the art of pottery for kids in Australia and Singapore.

2016 Introduction to Throwing

Jan 2016 Introduction to Pottery in Singapore.

An educational demonstration by Hazel Wong. Pottery once played a vital role in Singapore's development, with kilns firing up around the island to create bricks used to build the nation.

Feature documentary with LessonsGoWhere as part of SG50 celebration of local Arts.

2015 MP opening of Mural at Punggol Vista

We undertook a community project involving 150 students and more than 200 residents. This is part of HDB's Good Neighbour Campaign aimed at promoting gracious living habits. HDB ambassadors, consisting of a select group of poly students explored what it means to be a Gracious Neighour. With guidance from Hazel Wong, they developed amazing art concepts on the mural to illustrate this.

2014 Introduction to Throwing

A good introduction to how to start your journey in wheel throwing.

Feature documentary with 'Art Bites' by Anita Kapoor, aired at OKTO Channel

2013 Studio Introduction

A documentary on our studio and programmes.

By (web cast)

(video in Mandarin)

2012 Opening of Goodman Ceramic Studio with

Figure, Figure, Figurine Me! Exhibition

A fun self-expression ceramic sculptures workshop

for more than 200 participants in East Singapore.


Organized by Goodman Ceramic Studio and Goodman Arts Centre.

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