CLAY BODIES (Cone 5-6)

We stock 5 - 7 types of clay to meet different needs of potters. We stock a wide range from very grogged sculpture clay (Buff sculpture #392)  to super white porcelain clay (Frost Porcelain #437). Details are on the e-shop.


This series of underglazes is recommended for schools and other users desiring underglazes that do not contain lead. Safe for use on food and beverage containers when properly fired. Although these colors represent a Cone 06 firing, many of them also can be fired with dynamic results up to Cone 10. Be sure to test fire to assure desired results.

Eligible for 8% off min. $500 purchase (in single receipt)

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LOW FIRING GLAZE (Cone 05 - 06) 

How many colors can you create with Creatable Colors? You do the math. From strawberry red to the blue-green of the ocean's depths, Laguna's 19

Creatable Colors can be used right out of the jar or mixed with one another to create a virtually endless number of shades and hues.
Use as 1) a stand-alone glaze, 2) an underglaze with a matte or gloss clear, or 3) apply over our white majolica base for a traditional majolica look.

Creatable Colors... enhancing the artist in all of us!

Laguna glazes have no instructions on the label. Please click here to view guidelines for using Laguna Glazes.


1) Amaco Potter's Choice and Shino Glazes, comes in 1 pint bottles (473ml) 

- Good application technique and skill are necessary for spectacular glaze outcomes.

- Combining Potter's Choice and Shino Glazes can yield unique effects. Join our weekly classes here.

2) Amaco Celedon Glazes, 100% mixable, in 1 pint bottles (473ml) 

3)Laguna stain based brush on glaze Cone 5 VERSA 5 Glaze (1 pint size)

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RAW MATERIALS (for making clay bodies and glazes)

Most of our raw materials are directly imported from the Laguna Clay. MSDT sheets are readily available. 

If you need specific materials, you can do a pre-order with us to bring in specialty supplies that are otherwise not obtainable. 

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Front Loading kilns (, made in USA)

Top loading Home Studio Kiln (, made in USA)


We have a large range of kilns for rental. Sizes of kilns ranges from 1.3  - 15 cubit feet.

Tag along firing (ie based on per crate basis) will be fired at  Cone 5 (1200 - 1220 degrees). 

Most kilns operate at maximum of Cone 6. There are 2 units of Cone 10 kiln for rental.


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3) pay via paypal (2% surcharge or online inter-bank transfer)

4) Free delivery min. $300 per receipt to any floor with lift access
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