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Sculptures Walk @ Goodman Arts Centre  

(Tues, Thurs or Fri 930am - 1130am)

Looking at Sculptures

Explore and Examine.

What are Sculptures? 

Who made them? What is it made of? What is the artist trying to say?

2 hours Highly Experiential Field Trip with 60mins. hands-on activity

Field trip offers many opportunities for children to learn.

Children engage all their senses in a sensorial experience of sculptures and nature. Children walk from one sculpture to another with the guidance of an artist-educator. The highly sensorial and kinaesthetic nature of the field trip offers a rich learning space for every child.


At the pottery studio, children explore the clay medium and with guidance for an artist-educator, they will create their very first Ceramic Sculpture complete with colours (60 mins hands-on activity)

Goodman Arts Centre is a great place to do a picnic at the lush environment.


Benefits of outdoor learning

Benefits of claywork


10 - 21 children $35 per child

22 - 45 children $25 per child 

Teachers: F.O.C.

Parents Participation: $10 per parent (sculpture making hands-on activity)

Directions map with drop off points

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