Wheel Throwing Classes


Be amazed by one of the oldest and most intriguing processes of making pottery, wheel throwing. 


What is Wheel Throwing?

Wheel throwing is the process of making forms using a spinning wheel.  The first pottery wheel was used in approximately 4500BC. Although the equipment has advanced the process has remained very similar.


Who can try it?

Goodman Ceramic Studio offers a range of wheel throwing classes for all ages and all skill levels.


For the beginners we recommend the Trial Wheel Throwing class. This is a fun one time 'have a go' class that will teach you the basics. 

If you have fallen in love with the process, which we are sure you will sign up for our Basic Wheel Throwing class. This 10 week flexible will teach you the skills you need to throw proficiently. 


Kids can join in the fun with older family members in our Family Wheel Fun session. We also offer additional classes just for the kids in school holidays - Immersive Boot Camp & Trial Kids Wheel Throwing



More experienced artists can join one of our Studio Access programs. With our flexible studio access program, you can practice at your own pace to hone your pottery making skills. 

If you want to join in the fun with your work colleagues, why not give our Team Building program a go. It is a sure way to destress and have a laugh. 

Pottery handbuilding classes

Have fun with your family working in tandem on the pottery wheel.

Pottery handbuilding classes
Pottery handbuilding classes

A captivating introduction into making pottery on the wheel.  Designed for absolute beginners. 

Pottery handbuilding classes

Experience the surprising flexibility and tactile nature of clay while learning skills in hand building.

Pottery handbuilding classes

A fun one hour session designed as an introduction for kids over the age of 5 for the shool holidays only.

Pottery handbuilding classes

These holidays your child can explore the amazing sensation of clay in this 3-hour boot camp, including wheel throwing.