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Does your child need a creative outlet? Clay is a wondrous, tactile medium that your kids would love to explore. In this specially designed class, your child will experiment with a variety of hand-building techniques and have fun squishing, squelching, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching and pounding the clay.


The pliable nature of clay allows children to expand their imagination and creativity while they use their fingers as tools. Creating with clay develops concentration and patience, as well as expanding innovative problem-solving skills.

Every lesson is unique and adapted to what the young artists choose to make. Your child will be captivated will learn how to mould animals or sculptures into fantasy, cartoon or realistic artworks. We offer a creative environment stocked with plenty of inspirational models to inspire everyone.


Designed for kids between 7 - 12 years old.

Price includes instruction by our artist, all material, colouring, firing and glazing.

Please book early make sure your child can join in the fun.

Available Time

Saturday           10am    &   2pm

$55 for 1.5 hours
$190 for 4 x 1.5 hours
Pottery handbuilding classes
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