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Glaze Classes


Learn one of the methods of apply glazes to bisque ware.  

What is Glazing?

Glazes are a type of glass that is specially made to stick onto pots and other ceramic surfaces. When molten, this specialized glass is stiffer than glass that is poured or blown is. 

Glazing is the process of applying the glaze solution to bisque fired pottery. ​

What is a glaze made of?

Glazes consist of silica, fluxes and aluminum oxide. Silica is the structural material for the glaze and if you heat it high enough it can turn to glass. Its melting temperature is too high for ceramic kilns, so silica is combined with fluxes, substances that prevent oxidation, to lower the melting point. Aluminum oxide is used as a stiffening agent, allowing the glaze to adhere to the surface of a bowl or vase without run off. Glazes get their colors from a wide variety of mineral oxides.


Who can try it?

Goodman Ceramic Studio offers a glaze classes to potters that have attended out basic wheel throwing classes or are experienced potters. The classes are open to adults only. 

Experience the surprising flexibility and tactile nature of clay while learning skills in hand building.

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Pottery handbuilding classes

Learn to art of spray glazing to create amazing effects that will allow your work to stand out from the crowd.

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Pottery handbuilding classes
Spray Glazing -
Advanced Decorating Techniques

3 December 2017

Sunday 3:00 to 5:00 pm

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