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Advanced & Specialty
$136 per 3 hours class
plus $40 or materials

Introducing an exciting new range of advanced classes and speciality workshops. These programmes have been expecially designed for the pottery enthusiast who is interesed in extending their skills and exploring new techniques. New classes are run every month.

Sessions are offered on Thursday afternoons starting at 1pm and Sunday morning starting at 9:30am. Classes will only be conducted with a minimum of 3 students.

Crackle Effect
Pottery handbuilding classes

Learn how to prepare and apply sodium silicate, work in the

heat with the heat gun and watch the crackle appear.


Thu 8 Feb

Sun 11 Feb

Marble Effect
Pottery handbuilding classes

Thu 22 Feb 

Sun 25 Feb 

In this exciting new workshop you will learn how to make your own coloured slips and create marbling effects on the clay surface.

Spray Glaze
Pottery handbuilding classes

The Spraying technique is vital for certain glaze effects. The

spraying method makes possible the creating an even coating on

the ceramic surface.


Thu 8 Mar 

Sun 11 Mar

Kilns, Cones & Firing cycles
Pottery handbuilding classes

Special price of $68 for

2 hours

(excludes materials)

Firing clay is the most critical part of the ceramics processes.

Learn about different firings, cones and what happens to the clay.


Thu 15 Mar

Sun 18 Mar

Creative Mark
Pottery handbuilding classes

In this exciting workshop you will learn how to use everyday materials as well as tool to make unique impressed textures.


Thu 22 Mar 

Sun 25 Mar 

Wheel Thrown Teapot
Pottery handbuilding classes

Learn how to throw a teapot. In this 2 session workshop get familiar with design elements of the teapot and learn to throw and join all the components.


Part A - Thu 5 Apr or 12 Apr

Part B - Sun 8 Apr or  15 Apr

Introduction to Glaze
Pottery handbuilding classes

In this introduction to glaze you will learn the basic ceramic materials and their properties and functions.


Thu 19 Apr

Sun 22 Apr

Lustres & Majolica
Pottery handbuilding classes
Pottery handbuilding classes

Learn to add that final fancy touch using lustre over glaze or majolica techniques.


Thu 26 Apr

Slips & Engobes
Pottery handbuilding classes

This session will provide you with the opportunity to explore and experiment with decorating ceramics with slips, as

well as learn to make your own slip.


Thu 3 May

Sun 10 May

Hand-built Teapot
Pottery handbuilding classes

Hand-building is a fun way to start making teapots.Hand-building techniques offer freedom to explore the form and size as well as incorporate creative elements.


Thu 17 May

Sun 20 May

Pottery handbuilding classes
Throwing Big

You will learn to create works that are tall and impressive


Thu 24 May

Sun 27 May

Mold Making
Pottery handbuilding classes

In this 2-session course learn how to make a press mold and a two-piece slip-casting mold. 


Part A Thu 31 May  

Part B - Thu 14 Jun 

Form & Function
Pottery handbuilding classes

Explore the sculptural and design potential of functional ceramic forms.


Thu 7 Jun 

Sun 10 Jun

Pigment & Oxide
Pottery handbuilding classes

Expand you colour palette by learning about pigments & oxides.


Thu 17 Jun 

Wheel Thrown Dinner Set
Pottery handbuilding classes

Thu 11 Jun 

Sun 24 Jun

Learn how to make a matching bowl, side plate, cup and dinner plate.

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