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Tile Making @ Singapore Botanical Gardens

(Tues, Thurs or Fri 930am - 12pm)

Develops a sense of Curiosity

Explore and Examine.

What is shape of the leaves? 

Is it smooth? Has it got a smell? What kind of flowers do you see?

2.5 hours Highly Experiential Field Trip with 45 mins. hands-on activity

Field trip offers many opportunities for children to learn.

Children engage all their senses in a sensorial experience of heritage tress and interesting flora. Children walk from shrub to tree, tree to shrub with the guidance of the facilitator. The highly sensorial and kinaesthetic nature of the field trip offers a rich learning space for every child.

At the Botany Centre, children explore the clay medium and with guidance for an artist-educator, they will use found natural objects to create their very first nature-inspired Tile (45 mins hands-on activity)


minimum of 21 children,  $35 per child

Teachers: F.O.C.

Parents Participation: $10 per parent (tile making hands-on activity)

Directions map with drop off points

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