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FAMILY BONDING - 8 years and above

Unleash Creativity & Fun: Family Pottery Classes (Ages 8+)

Find your perfect pottery adventure! We offer exciting classes for kids 8 and up, designed to spark imaginations and build essential skills:

- TRIAL WHEEL THROWING (1.5 hours): Learn the art of spinning clay on the potter's wheel.
- THROWING BOOT CAMP (3 hours): Combine hand-built details and glazes for fully personalised creative vessel.
- FUNCTIONAL POTTERY: Craft beautiful and useful pottery pieces, from cups to trays.
- ANIMAL SCULPTING (2 hours): Bring your favorite animal to life in clay, then add colorful and textured glazes.

- FAMILY THROWING PROGRAMME (1.5 hours x 4 sessions): Take your throwing skills to the next level! Learn core throwing techniques, trimming the base, and creative glazing to personalize your masterpieces.

Our program fosters problem-solving, creativity, and fine motor skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Family bonding: Working together deepens appreciation for each other and creates lasting memories.

Package pricing for 1 or 2 persons. Additional family members welcome!

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