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Available Time

Tuesday      1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$100 for 1 session x 3 hours
or $360 for 4 sessions (3 hours x 4 days)

These holidays you and/or your child can explore the amazing sensation of working with clay. This immersion programme starts with a warm-up exercise in preparing and wedging the clay.  Our experienced instructor will demonstrate the process then it will be your turn to explore the moving clay on your own. With a little help and one on one assistance, everyone will create beautiful clay forms


Participants will also gain skills in hand making principles and simple ways to create decorative elements on a clay surface. Using your latest wheel thrown creations as a base, anyone can transfer a simple blob of clay into a unique artwork.


You and/or child will have a sensory experience that will help to strengthen their sensory development; concentration and motor skills; creative thinking and problem solving, and esteem and expression.


All works will be bisque fired and available for collection in 4 weeks.  Two artworks will be glazed with an option to glaze additional work for only $10 per piece.


Designed for absolute beginners and suitable for children between 8 and 12. Price includes instruction by our artist, all materials, every form fired to hardened form and 2 pieces glazed and fired. Save $40 when you purchase a 4 sessions package at $360 (GST inclusive). Pay and book for additional dates at our studio.


Please book early make sure you and your child can join in the fun an, as this course is restricted to only 8 participants at a time.

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