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$680 for 10 sessions 
of 2 hours
Available Timings

Tues 7pm - 9pm

Wed 330pm - 530pm

Thurs 10am -12pm

Sat 10am -12pm, 3pm -5pm
 Sun 10am - 12pm

Be amazed by one of the oldest and most intriguing processes of making pottery, wheel throwing. This deceptively simple looking process requires considerable skill. At Goodman Ceramic Studio we provide step-by-step instruction as well as inspiration for anyone wanting to learn, improve and master wheel-throwing techniques. If you have been captivated by our trial throwing class, take up this opportunity to continue to develop your throwing skills.


We offer a block of 5 lessons or class credits to be used over 6 weeks. Each block of 5 lessons comes with 10 hours of additional studio practice. This free studio practice time worth $110 is designed to support your learning through giving you the clay and equipment to practice. 


To learn the basic fundamentals in throwing, you can also opt to purchase the 10 lessons package that offers a longer validity period of 12 weeks. 20 hours of practice comes with this.


Please book early to ensure a spot, as each class is restricted to only 8 participants at a time.

Booking your first class
1) Please sign up as a customer and purchase the package first. 

2) log into the system and go to 'BASIC THROWING CLASSES - Book Here. $680/10 or $380/5 Sessions'. 

3) Select your date/time and book

4) Please check out of the booking and your class will be confirmed via email


For further information on this course or if you have any questions, please contact us on:



1)   6346 6351 or  9726 5210


We look forward to seeing you in the studio shortly.

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